Who we are
CURRENT CONSTRUCTION | email: info@currentcon.com | phone: 415-969-6915

David Breslin – Partner and Founder

pimgpsh_fullsize_distrDavid Breslin founded Current Construction in 2011 with the intention of providing the Greater San Francisco Bay Area community with a reliable, competitively priced, professional and trustworthy residential and commercial construction company. Today, Current Construction delivers a full-service and hassle free building experience from project inception through to completion, working with each client’s schedule and budget to bring their ideas to life.

As a founder of Current Construction, David understands the importance of developing successful, long-term, working relationships with clients, design teams and the many subcontractors and vendors that play an integral role in construction projects here in the Bay Area. Current Construction depends on these relationships to achieve client satisfaction that result in repeat or referral opportunities.

Current Construction maintains the highest standards of quality through David’s dedication to success. He believes strongly that a team can accomplish some amazing things when their individual efforts are well coordinated to work as a unified whole. Among other management and hands-on work responsibilities, David focuses on operational oversight and client satisfaction, including contract negotiations, staffing, scheduling, financial controls, reporting, and close out for all projects. David always responds in a timely manner, and works closely with every client to satisfy their project needs and desires.

David brings over 15 years of project and construction management experience to bear for every project Current Construction undertakes. He has participated in and mastered all aspects of a job from start to finish and understands that behind every project stand people whose needs and comforts must be considered.


Colm Higgins – Partner and Founder

pimgpsh_fullsize_distrColm Higgins co-founded Current Construction with his business partner David Breslin in 2011 when he relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area from New York. While in New York he worked as a project manager for Shelbourne Construction, a builder of single-family homes. Colm spent much of his early career abroad where he learned alternative trade and business practices, which included time spent in New Zealand working on a seismic upgrade project for an historic cathedral in the aftermath of the Christ Church Earthquake. He also worked in Australia on the reconstruction of a notable bridge north of Brisbane. Throughout his travels, Colm developed an eye for detail and quality that he now brings to every Current Construction project.

Colm has had a love for and desire to be part of the building craft from an early age. His mother and father contributed his natural inclination by allowing him to become deeply involved in the construction and design of their dream home, located on the rural west coast of Ireland. Colm was taught fundamentals of respect and trust within a community. His Mother, a teacher and artist, taught Colm the importance of listening, good communication, organization, foresight, compassion and creativity.

Inspired by a true passion for the building industry, Colm believes that a person’s happiness and quality of life are greatly influenced by the combination of safety, practicality and beauty – whether its the workspace or one’s home. He applies this philosophy to every Current Construction project and strives to deliver a finished product that leaves his clients with a sense of pride and satisfaction in a job well done.


Jonathan O’Connor – Project Manager

pimgpsh_fullsize_distrJonathan joined Current Construction in early 2016. A recent construction management graduate from Ireland, Jonathan is well versed in modern construction technologies and software. These skills, along with his enthusiasm for his work and forward thinking, make Jonathan an invaluable member of the Current Construction team.




Baxter – Chief Companion & Project Mascot

pimgpsh_fullsize_distrBaxter is a 7-year old smart, loving and loyal Boxer who has grown up around construction projects. His friendly and upbeat demeanor helps to keep stress at a minimum and morale high for the Current Construction crews he visits. He’s truly quite the project supervisor.